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Welcome to chat rooms sites. We have a wide selection of family friendly chat rooms directory for everyone. We have been building chat rooms since late 2010. We enjoy making new websites where people anywhere in the world with an internet connection can connect and talk to others using our free chats. We have a chatting rooms list for teenagers, kids, some rooms support live video, audio, and even message boards.


Our mission has not changed: to provide quality free chat rooms websites accessible to everyone in the world. We hope we are much closer to reaching our mission goal.

About Chat Rooms

Below is a brief introduction to what chat rooms are all about.

Chat rooms are widely used by millions of people worldwide to communicate instantly with one another. The majority of chat sites use software that allow more than one person to message you at one time. This means that you can receive many messages from multiple people all at once. The topic of discussion of each chat site is different. They range anywhere from friendly conversations to more intimate chit chat.

Some chatting websites are for teenagers, others are for adults, and others are for gay and lesbian users. It is important that before you enter any chatroom you read the page and find out things like:

What is the minimum and maximum age range allowed?

What are the rules of the chat?

Is this a clean and monitored chat room?

Is it free, does it require any registration?

The chat sites listed on this directory are always free and you do not need to download any type of software or register to use them


Types of Chat Sites

Chat rooms have evolved a great deal since they were created.

Java chat rooms - This is the most popular type of chat script mainly because it is so old. It is important to know that in order to use and enter a java type chat room that you must have java enabled in your web browser. Some benefits of this type of chat room is that they are generally very simple. On the other hand, a negative effect of the java chat rooms are that they tend to get very slow.

Flash chat rooms - This is the latest type of chat, people and webmasters alike are loving it! What makes this style of chat so liked? It allows the integration of video and audio along with all the old things like text chat, private chat, and more to be used by everyone.

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